About The BAZ Group
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About The BAZ Group

Roots in Telecom. Growth through Emerging Technologies and Best Practices


Founded in 1993 by President Molly Zraik, BAZ was established to provide independent telecommunications audit and optimization services.  From the outset, the industry was changing rapidly and under Molly’s keen eye and understanding of the industry, BAZ quickly increased its portfolio of managed services and expanded its pool of talent to include some of the best and brightest industry experts.  Soon BAZ was helping companies – from Fortune 500 to small organizations – manage their telecom needs with a full-service approach.

Today, BAZ provides a full suite of communications technology audit, optimization, and management offerings. Yet, we haven’t strayed far from our roots. From IP-Tel and data connectivity to wireless and cloud services, our people and processes still reflect that unique industry understanding. Our clients rely on us to be leaders and to deliver on ever-changing best practices that were core to our foundation so many years ago, and still provide outstanding value today.

Our Mission: Enable intelligent decision making by eliminating chaos and excess cost from our clients’ communication technology environments

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Core Values

Co-Create for Best Value:

Ideas are shared and improved together for the greater good of BAZ, our clients, and our programs. We all have limited perspectives and need everyone to share their ideas and concerns to make us the best we can be.

Embrace Accountability:

Taking ownership of business outcomes to provide maximum value to clients, colleagues, and self. Focus is greater than the tasks performed, and encompasses the broadest possible perspective.

Honor the Details:

Appreciates the importance of paying attention to details but understands that the value of details is to provide a platform for delivering meaningful results.

Always Improving:

Looking for ways to grow and improve oneself (personally and professionally) and the services we provide to our clients. Taking every opportunity to think about what can be learned from a situation and how the knowledge can be applied in future situations. Recognizing that when you do this, mistakes are simply steps on the path of improvement.

Be a Positive Force:

Focuses on how to forward BAZ and client goals in every situation. Sees problems or issues as a means for improvement and/or adding value. Places emphasis on the importance of helpful and supportive interactions, both internally and externally.