Stop Overspending
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Stop Overspending

Most enterprises overspend by 30% on voice and data services, without even knowing it. Where’s your waste?

Start by Taming the Top 7 Telecom Waste Creators:

  • Overspending for unneeded lines and circuits
  • Overspending for mobile devices no one’s even using
  • Overspending with above market rates
  • Overspending with the wrong mobile rate plan
  • Overspending on cloud licenses no one’s even using
  • Overspending for inefficient cloud platform services
  • Overspending on taxes and surcharges

Are you ready to stop overspending and optimize your technology?

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women's apparel chain must upgrade its data network
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Women’s Apparel Chain Saves 37% To Upgrade Its Data Network

The Opportunity:

A 1,000-store women’s apparel chain needed to upgrade its data network and increase store bandwidth to remain competitive. After receiving an initial projection that estimated 25% savings, they came to BAZ. They knew we could help them generate even more savings while also increasing network resiliency.

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TEM Insights / January 7, 2022

Active Telecom Expense Management Saves You Money

Businesses waste millions on telecom each year. Optimizing your voice, data, cloud and mobile spend takes time and can be a hassle. However, active telecom expense management can save you over 20% monthly.  What is a Comprehensive Telecom Audit? Since telecom invoices are difficult to read, most companies don’t even know that they’re overspending. Telecom...
Active Telecom Expense Management Saves You Money