Active Telecom Expense Management Saves You Money
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Active Telecom Expense Management Saves You Money

Businesses waste millions on telecom each year. Optimizing your voice, data, cloud and mobile spend takes time and can be a hassle. However, active telecom expense management can save you over 20% monthly. 

What is a Comprehensive Telecom Audit?

Since telecom invoices are difficult to read, most companies don’t even know that they’re overspending. Telecom auditors review bills, contracts, and service levels to provide a thorough inventory of your current voice, data, internet, and wireless services.  Recommendations are then made on what can safely be disconnected to reduce spend.

Trusted auditors will identify waste to reduce costs, recommend appropriate rates and terms, and suggest changes in service to further reduce spend. A telecom auditor will provide strategies to improve your carrier relationships with lower telecom costs and reduced risks. 

Lower Your Mobility Costs with Wireless Expense Management

With so many users, devices, and unique use cases for wireless service, it’s easy for mobility spending and ongoing management to spiral out of control. A telecom auditor will perform an in-depth analysis of your usage patterns to select the optimal rate plans, identify unused devices to disconnect, and renegotiate your contracts to ensure rates and terms are competitive. 

Voice and Data Costs Will Continue to Rise

With the increase in remote users there is dramatic growth in internet access via VPNs, video, and data downloads. A telecom auditor will build an inventory of services by location so you can remove unneeded circuits and ensure that all locations have the appropriate connections at the right price. 

Cloud Expense Management is an Issue for Businesses

For flexibility and scalability, organizations are moving more services to the cloud. However, cloud computing requires continuous monitoring, analysis, and adjustment to ensure that spending is optimized. Cloud expense management means tracking usage, optimizing budgets, and predicting future usage and costs.

TEM Software Isn’t Enough

Even with in-house auditing and TEM (Telecom Expense Management) software, continuous changes in your environment as well as in wireless, voice, data, and cloud offerings make managing these telecom services a challenge. A telecom auditor, using the data in your TEM system, will optimize the usage of your network, reduce expenses, increase visibility, and provide greater control over telecom services. This is essential to bring continuous value to your business.

Are you ready to optimize your telecom spend? Find out how: Connect with us to receive a complimentary strategy session with one of our trusted telecom auditors.  This is a good start to your telecom expense management journey.

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