Three Pitfalls to Avoid with Microsoft TEAMS Telephony
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Three Pitfalls to Avoid with Microsoft TEAMS Telephony

A hassle-free transition to Microsoft TEAMS Telephony should consider multiple factors.

Our firm’s move to a permanent virtual office environment was the catalyst to transition our IT infrastructure into the cloud. We replaced our on-site phone system with Microsoft Teams Telephony.

We had some growing pains while learning how to use the new technology, and want to spare you this hassle. There were differences in how things work, the setup was unfamiliar, and some features that we were accustomed to either didn’t exist in Teams or showed up in different ways.

While many of these challenges will certainly be addressed as the technology matures, here are some key differences that you’ll want to be aware.

Pitfall #1 – Call vs. Conference

“Calls” and “Conferences” have different features on Teams. When a user makes or receives a call from the “Calls” tab, they will have access to several telephony features such as Hold, Transfer, Consult then Transfer, and Park Call. However, once on a call, if the user adds another party, it is now considered by Teams to be a conference and the telephony actions (Hold, Transfer, etc.) are no longer available.

Pitfall #2 –System Updates

There will be periodic changes in the way Teams Telephony looks and feels as Microsoft regularly pushes updates. It will be necessary to continuously update training materials to help staff adapt.

Pitfall #3 – Training

It can be helpful to develop a Cheat Sheet or Quick Reference Guide as well as provide training sessions to assist with the transition. Start here with the first things to know about the essential Microsoft Teams features.

With so many communications-enabled apps, enterprise telephony is just one tool in your communications tool belt. The most important lesson from our transition is to understand your use cases and ensure your new platform has the features you need to satisfy them.

Will you be transitioning your telecom to the cloud? Connect with us to schedule a complimentary strategy session with BAZ.

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